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I Love My Boyfriend!!!
If you have some love for that boyfriend of yours then join and post things that show how much you care about him
Love Hurts
Love Hurts! Dont be afraid to say so. Its your life, so enjoy it!
Make Any Sort Of Remix With Intrest On Friendship And Love
【LoVe】---Katy Perry---【LoVe】
Do U love Katy Perry??---If you do, join us!!
Aniime lOve.
love and peace
join if u think there should be love and peace around the world!!!☮
Always welcome to my group ❤тяûε❤яôмäηcε❤ I Love The Name Of My Group. Romance Isn't Only About Kisses, Sex, Or Any Of Those Pics, Its Also What's Come From Your Heart. So, Always Send All Your Remixes And Invite Your Friends To The Group. Thxx All And I Love You :3 -°нαηα°
hello kitty 4 ever
i love hello kitty;) if you love hello kitty to feal free to join ;)have fun !!!!
We Love Pixie Lott ! <3
hiaa x <3 can you join this group ? if you do leave remixes or symbols is you wish to do with pixie lott kaay ? pixie lott is an awesome singer so show her that me love her by leaving remixes !
We Love Cher Lloyd
Cher Lloyd's fan club!! Here to all the brats around the world!! :) We love Cher bear :3
<------♥ My Perfect World ♥------>
Hello friends from everywhere! My group is inspired by the dreams we long for in a perfect world, full of gentleness, goodness, love, smiles and color. Anything that makes us better people or that makes this world or our world closed sometimes pain and darkness, a magical world! Add your remixes comment and ... Thanks guys kisses I love
New Moon (twilight Saga)
if u Love Twilight Saga u LoVe New Moon,Vampires, Cullens, and Robert Pattinson...!!!
~♥Twilight♥~ L○L  ♪Funny remixes with a splash of vamp-ish humor♪
Twilight freaks who love to laugh, I've brought you all ♥Twilight♥ L○l! Post your totally funny Twilight remixes right here! Oh, and one more thing......giggle your fangs off! ♫♪~Disclaimer: It cannot be helped if you suddenly get very addicted to laughing and/or type/say LOL 1,0000 times in one day......or decide you really like this group and tell all your friends about it. The side affects may or may not include: Giggling your fangs off, Laughing 'till you glitter, and/or chuckling like a maniac. Enjoy. =) ♦ALSO: If you do not care for Twilight, please join anyway and post just plain funny remixes! Nothing is offensive exept nude pics and just plain inapopriate stuff. Visit ☻ ☻ to veiw officail rules. Thanks! ^-^ Also, please recomend to friends, post LOL remixes and have fun ^_~ If you love Twilight or just love fun then visit:
Peace Love Cupcakes
in this group its all about peace love and of course.......CUPCAKES!
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