Ergebnisse: true friends
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Crazy Dreams
If you have crazy dreams to be the next top model, actress, actor, singer, music player, what ever! If you dream big and you want your "CRAZY" dreams to come true, join!
I and friends
Barristar Smoklyn
All about making friends...Lol
Share your fun furry friends here!
meeting new people
u find new friends
friends join my group!!
Nights in the clouds
We love Friends.... we L9ove to help others....♥
Quotes From Movies
Any quote from any Movie. Join Show To Friends :)
♥♦ т я ù ε f я ί ε η d š ♦♥
Hi. Im Aisha and Welcome to My Group ♥♦ т я ù ε f я ί ε η d š ♦♥ Rate,Comment,Like,Send your remixes and Invite your friends C:*♥*
Ьĕ ĈǾÒóθòŎØŏǿǿǾŐööõÖĻ(Ĕmǿ)ρÜŤ ρẽŎÞŀế ŪŅÐẽř ỸðυŖ §ҢŎ∫ệ
~♥Twilight♥~ L○L  ♪Funny remixes with a splash of vamp-ish humor♪
Twilight freaks who love to laugh, I've brought you all ♥Twilight♥ L○l! Post your totally funny Twilight remixes right here! Oh, and one more thing......giggle your fangs off! ♫♪~Disclaimer: It cannot be helped if you suddenly get very addicted to laughing and/or type/say LOL 1,0000 times in one day......or decide you really like this group and tell all your friends about it. The side affects may or may not include: Giggling your fangs off, Laughing 'till you glitter, and/or chuckling like a maniac. Enjoy. =) ♦ALSO: If you do not care for Twilight, please join anyway and post just plain funny remixes! Nothing is offensive exept nude pics and just plain inapopriate stuff. Visit ☻ ☻ to veiw officail rules. Thanks! ^-^ Also, please recomend to friends, post LOL remixes and have fun ^_~ If you love Twilight or just love fun then visit:
♥♥♥◕‿‿◕KoN sTiLo UniKoO!!◕‿‿◕♥♥♥
hi friends!!! weno hize ezte grupito con el fin de q' expresen sus creaciones ya sea de amistad, amor, musica... etc,etc,etc!!! espero les guste su friend ♥Mậ¡§ậ♥
The dowanteveryouwant group !
In this group you get to do want ever you want its for boys and girls you can be silly! And send remixies and post comments!Talk about your hobbies and make new friends!
hi everybody this group is for them who love love justin bieber and for them who love to has a lot of friends wellcome
The BFF Group
Only people I know and are my friends may be allowed to join. If you don't know me don't even ask! This group is owned by Taylor Brown. Thank you for your time. Sinceraly, Taylor
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