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Mar 22, 2011 3:08:20 PM
Why Do People Cheat..? :(
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October 1, 2012
"ya why do they? well i had this one bf and we dated for like 2 and a half years. we went to this one party and all our friends were there. and everyone told me that i had to break up with him. i was so confused??????? they told me that he was dating 2 other girls who were pole dancers! i found out that after 2 and a half years he never even liked me he dated me because of my boobs!!! i was heart broken for about a year :("
September 25, 2012
"becz of sex"
September 24, 2011
"u re right but not all do de same"
June 30, 2011
"because they don't want to be with the sme person every time they date 3>"
April 23, 2018
"Because your ugly!"
October 25, 2015
"It's human nature to try to get what they want( and they lie and cheat and steal to do this)"
May 9, 2014
"Because men are B*****s lol"
October 18, 2013
"coz ppl neva get enough dey always want more"
October 4, 2013
"becoz they can't have the same kind soup everynight"
July 11, 2018
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