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Welcome! My name is кιяα♥нσpε! I'm from the U.S.A! A stork droped me on my doorstep the 10th of June! I love meeting new people dont be shy! I love colors and girly stuff! I LOVE jello and animal crackers... No one is to old for animal crackers! I enjoy doing this and I hope nothing happends that I need to stop, even though I get on a lot anymore! Everyone that I have met are unique in their own way. They all have their own style, and thats what makes this website a blast! I hope all of you consider looking through my profile and maybe if im lucky I can have a new follower! I wish the best to everyone!
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Blocco Skizzi Creato da: кιяα♥нσpε August 2, 2012
October 19, 2012
"NICE i love this!"
September 8, 2012
"I agree with Maria!"
September 4, 2012
"Your remixes are so romantic<3"
August 8, 2012
"Really romantic :D"
August 2, 2012
"i love this!! :)"
August 2, 2012
"Te Amo Flavio"
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