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Rolf Rolfr
Male ·  United States ·  joined 2011  · 35873 Points
Hi. I work at ImageChef.
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Morena » Rolf: Many thanks Rolf, i am glad to know that there is one person who protects and cares for us. Our joy is to create and work to give to the other material to wake up your creativity and give you good use and thanks to IMAGECHEF by electing me as the user of July, I feel very gratified. Greetings from Argentina
1 hours ago
AngiYmialma » Rolf:
yesterday at 6:20 PM
AngiYmialma » Rolf: ahhh thanks, now I read that you have removed, million thanks Rolf.
yesterday at 6:18 PM
AngiYmialma » Rolf: Hello Rolf, block and now I do not know how to find that person, you help me please? that I do not see anything about him, thanks affections.
yesterday at 6:14 PM
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Morena » Rolf: محمد يوسف SOUPRMAN Masculino · Egipto · joined 2013 · 54610 Puntos انا سعيد بهذا الموقع وبأصدقائى فيه SOUPRMAN ▼
July 29, 2014
Bouchaib » Rolf: Mr Rolf Hello, We have prolèmes with a certain mr: محمد يوسف stealing our photos before that we may make remixes, without our authorization and faires published his nom.cela caused trouble and discomfort among us. Please take good a necessary sanction by disabling its profil.merci for collaboration my respects ******************************* Sr. Rolf Hola, Tenemos prolèmes con cierta mr: محمد يوسف robando nuestras fotos antes de que podamos hacer remixes, sin nuestra autorización y faire
July 29, 2014
AngiYmialma » Rolf: 2) to contribute Imagechef the community to make it more beautiful every day. Love, hope it is resolved
July 28, 2014
AngiYmialma » Rolf: Hello Rolf, we have problems with Mr. Morena mentioned, we create a decal and makes it a remix without adding details and really makes us feel uncomfortable, see reflected our work as your own, do stickers takes time and dedication, also copy remixes as such as we do, weI blocked but this man continues bothering with his attitude, after having explained that we consider wrong his actions, I hope I can do something about it, this is causing much discomfort to several people who are dedicated to c
July 28, 2014
Morena » Rolf: محمد يوسف
July 28, 2014
Morena » Rolf: Masculino · Egipto · joined 2013 · 54610 Puntos انا سعيد بهذا الموقع وبأصدقائى فيه
July 28, 2014
Morena » Rolf: With all due respect I am writing to you by a problem that has been happening with Muhammad Yussuf listed in your profile with the name written in Arabic that i can't transcribe, and on the advice of my friend AngiYmialma i spent his link to see what can be done with this Mr because takes our works, and presents as his own and our aim is to be used within a creative remix where i would see it embodied ... Thank you for what you can do about that and with the sole purpose of improving
July 28, 2014
Morena » Rolf: Con todo respeto me dirijo a usted por un problema que viene aconteciendo con Muhammad Yussuf en su perfil aparece con este nombre escrito en árabe que no puedo transcribir y por consejo de mi amiga AngiYmialma me paso su link para ver que se puede hacer con este señor pues toma nuestros trabajos y los presenta como propio y nuestro fin es que sea utilizado dentro de un remix creativo donde me enorgullecería verlo plasmado...Gracias por lo que pueda hacer al respecto y con el único fin de mejora
July 28, 2014
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santhoshkhan123: Santhosh SK khan
July 24, 2014
Remix by Rolf
santhoshkhan123 Santhosh SK khan
Rocio Rocio Guillen
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Thy Huyền: Đức Long
July 20, 2014
Remix by Rolf
Thy Huyền Đức Long
Chaimae Rajawia Happy birthday to you zhaur
Shania Damei Follow me ok :)
Muda Hello
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