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I ♥ the GazettE I ♥ anime I ♥ Shippuden I ♥ kawaii I ♥ Gaara! [ich liebe dich für immer] I ♥ manga I ♥ peace I ♥ music I ♥ cinema [specially bizarre] I ♥ my friends I ♥ my computer I ♥ monterz! and cookiez!
Props voor |•[_ sσяα ucнιнα _]•|
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Schetsblok Gecreëerd door: |•[_ sσяα ucнιнα _]•| June 17, 2010
June 21, 2010
"Oh,where is my name...:'( >lool"
June 19, 2010
"zUper girls jiji"
June 17, 2010
"Hay aPoCo nO nOs vEmOos lIndAs¡ Te keDoO dE SuPeR LuJo aMiX Ya SaBeN NEnAs laS kIeRo UN BoOeN SoN GeNiAlEs ToOoDaS¡"
June 17, 2010
"woOo amix the qedOo de lujOO jeje me enkanthOo eztha thOdO punkii xD ztha hahaha hermOzizimoO =) "i lOve zow muzh nna""
June 17, 2010
"wOOOOOOOW!! super nice amOOO el anime ii tan todz las xikas uuu m enkanto m veO cOOl jeje tenkiiUuuss"
June 17, 2010
"woooooooooooooooow amiks te luciste con esta pick..adoro el anime..me veo relinda jejejeje thanks,,tkm.."
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