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Fast and Easy

Now anyone can create a custom image without any technical knowledge or advanced tools. Modify text in a variety of image templates to create professional quality images with your own personal touch.

Once you customize an image, you can e-mail it to a friend with directly from within the ImageChef site along with an extra text message.

New Blogging Features

You can also now link to images so they can bee seen on a 3rd party weblog. Simply, register for an account, and when you personalize an image you can preview different sizes. HTML is then provided that you can paste directly into your Blog posting to link your image!


Some templates are free while others are not. Unregistered users get unlimited access to the free images.

If you register, you can use ImageChef's hosting service and link to your personalized images so they appear on your blog.

Customers for $7.99 get 50 image credits. This grants unlimited previews of the non-free images and 50 final versions of the non-free images, as well as guaranteed 18 months of hosting of personalized images. For $2.99 customers can purchase 10 image credits.

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ImageChef For Mobile

ImageChef for mobile is a new service that revolutionizes text messaging, wallpaper, and ringtones by giving mobile phone users the ability to put their own personal text messages into premade text friendly images.

This new, fun and addictive way to communicate will increase data use and MMS adoption for mobile operators, and boost wallpaper revenue for content aggregators.

ImageChef can be used on mobile phones for
•Image-Based Chat
•Personalizable Wallpaper
•Customizable Ring Pics

ImageChef is available through mobile operators and content providers in 5 coutries around the world.

For more details about this product, see our brochure below.

Download ImageChef for Mobile Brochure (PDF, 1.9 MB)

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