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About: for creative minds... or anyone who wants to gain a creative mind
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January 6, 2012
"Heyy i am on mobile so maybe we can chat lolsmielyface"
January 2, 2012
"soz... read the last message bottom to top... it was too long so i had to break it up..."
January 2, 2012
"own meaning, try and find yours, and let me know what it is when you do! thx! ~Fallen Angel~"
January 2, 2012
"that captures their attention most, like me for example... what started my creativity? if i remember correctly, it was writing stories, wolves, music, reading and singing. there's something creative in everything, even washing the dishes! if someone finds something they don't find creative in any way, tell me what it is, and i'll try and help you out. for those who think this message is meaningless and too long, i think you just don't yet understand the meaning of creativity, everyone has their"
January 2, 2012
"the senses' but to me, it means 'Someone's reason to smile, someone's reason to be happy, someone's reason to think outside of the box...' anyone can become creative, they just have to push through the cloud that parts them from their creativity, and that cloud could be anything, it could even be just a memory or a bad thought about yourself, but the thing that can help you push through the cloud could also be anything, even a dream or a tree outside your bedroom window... Everyone has something"
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