Tarafından orijinal:Anonymous
Jul 23, 2009 1:15:16 AM
Do u have a CAT?
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September 8, 2012
"yes!! is Katzy"
October 26, 2009
"ya i have 2"
September 28, 2009
"what are your cats called?? what language do you speek???"
September 28, 2009
"i have 2 kittens but im unfortunatly allergic they are called sugar and sydney i also have 3 other cats at my dads house theyy are called bodie doyle and spudnick lol what are your cats called??"
August 23, 2009
" allergic to cats..haha..i just wana join the group.."
August 22, 2009
"ya a male cat. He's fixed and is a house cat."
August 7, 2009
"I have one cat female, she has been declawed and fixed she is a housecat. much more sweeter when they are fixed.. I always was a cat person.."
August 3, 2009
"i haD 1 but it DieD :'''(("
August 3, 2009
"hi i wanna join ops alredy did lol jk"
July 25, 2009
"yes I have 2 cats and I love they!!!( sorry I don't pseak english very well)"
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