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ImageChef for iPhone and iPad
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Do amazing things with your photos and share them with your friends
Drop your photo into a series in scenes such as a wanted poster, billboard, picture frame and many more. Also browse and download from THOUSANDS of frames or collages generated by community members around the world! This includes animated frames and frames that let you combine up to four photos.
Send your photos to friends, save to your album, or post on Facebook -- all from within the application.
Works FAST. Does not require a network connection to create images, so you can personalize photos instantly anywhere!
ImageChef is a major redesign with a slick new retina interface that is fun to use. With integration to the community site, you can connect to friends on ImageChef and see their posts in a shared new feed.
You can also design your own frames (templates) using the Sketchpad tool at and use them within the app!
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