justin bieber FAN CLUB
Original by:Kelli
Aug 26, 2010 3:48:05 AM
What were you doing when you saw or heard justin bieber?
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November 28, 2010
"i was watching the youtube vids and my friends told me to lok up justin bieber. so i did and the minute i saw him i was love at first sight! LOL!"
October 23, 2010
"ive been crazy when see her or here her name suuuppppeeerrrr I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER"
September 19, 2010
"even b4 justin bieber was fameous i was watching his videos and i was like already in love!!! and guess what??? it was by COMPLETE accident! ha ha ha!"
August 31, 2010
"I was on youtube watching videos then I saw his music video one time.I downloaded One Time then put it on my Ipod I keep on listening to it then suddenly I was In love with him <3"
August 26, 2010
"I was on demand and i clicked him by complete accident and the second i heard him, i was like "my fave song!" and the second i saw him i was like.... OH EMM GEE!! haha . im lame :)"
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