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The True Love...Jeceylka Runta Ah....الحب الحقيقي
Salam, Nabad, and Hello to all visitors and fans of ImageChef:-). Welcome to Kaltun's group: "The True Love...Jeceylka Runta Ah....الحب الحقيقي". You can post your favourite remixes about true love in this group;-). Please don't post anything inappropriate here. Mahad Sanid, thank you, and shukran for being a fan of Kaltun's group:-). PS (Post Script): Please join The True Love...Jeceylka Runta Ah....الحب الحقيقي, and have lots of good fun!
True Love ♫ ♪♫♪»Crazy for LoVe
this is group of true lovers and ♫ ♪♫♪»Crazy for LoVe..
fan de my chemical romance
mcr <3
true beauty
created by jessica
my Chem!Cal rOmancE
este zpaCe eZ Un lUgar paRa lOx Chem!calerOz de cOrazOn pOz ak! dejen zUz rem!xx
true love
Nossos pensamentos mais importantes são os que contradizem nossos sentimentos. Paul Valéry
Always welcome to my group ❤тяûε❤яôмäηcε❤ I Love The Name Of My Group. Romance Isn't Only About Kisses, Sex, Or Any Of Those Pics, Its Also What's Come From Your Heart. So, Always Send All Your Remixes And Invite Your Friends To The Group. Thxx All And I Love You :3 -°нαηα°
Crazy Dreams
If you have crazy dreams to be the next top model, actress, actor, singer, music player, what ever! If you dream big and you want your "CRAZY" dreams to come true, join!
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