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Sep 9, 2009 5:53:28 PM
Any Emo Care 'Bout This
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March 11, 2011
"ppl do not understand emos therefore, they have no right to judge them. ppl should just worry about themselves and quit trying to change ppl. cuz i know what its like to be emotionally unstable and no matter wat, ppl cannot just change from that. ppl need to quit trying to change emos. they r theirselves and are not doing anything for attention. and besides, EMOS ARE FLIPPING AWESOME!"
October 23, 2009
"emos are sweet are nice are hot are beautifull !!!!"
September 23, 2009
"emo mean emotionly unstabel so somthing in ther life might of gone rong and they might blame there selfs for it but its realy unfair that people say all that shit"
September 22, 2009
"..one two three four..emo is not just a simple word..they just dont want to understand what this really mean..thats why they didn't know what's the real sense of it.. TRY TO UNDERSTAND..!!"
September 22, 2009
"emoz r awzum x i dunno wat da hell those fagz r goiin on bout x we da best race bout =]"
September 19, 2009
"yes i agree wz n 2 but the ppl thought that emos is abad persons cuz of the t.v & the news papers when they talk about emos by bad way"
September 19, 2009
"...i understand you.... ...wer the same... i know that emo's are not bad... they are just misunderstood by IDIOTS"
September 13, 2009
"this is my first topic hope u guys leave for me comments this topic is 'bout that many ppl try to stop emo phenomenon like hw they say and i want just to make ppl stop wat they r doinlike the topic before me which wrote in arabic it's talk about hw to stopp emo'z cz it's bad for our socio,, any way and i want just to make some people belive that emo is not dangerous !!!"
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