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Origineel door:unicorn
Jun 28, 2009 6:27:52 PM
why do ppl wanna b popular in high school?
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December 7, 2014
"I was a cheerleader in high school and I was in honors classes, with the nerds. Honestly, I had friends in every group, I didn't care, if I like you, I like you. And if someone messed with any of my friends from any group, they were gonna catch hell from me!"
July 5, 2012
April 23, 2010
"Popular people Arnt always Nasty :/ and people dunt want to be popular so no 1 picks on them .. every one has people that hat & love them its life & what are people saying that popular people have no proppa mates that is true but there not all like that .../#'* x"
September 2, 2009
September 2, 2009
"even am arab + 4m dubai and MJ Fan Wat's The Wierd Bout That fyi this tag is about ppl who want be popular in skool not about micheal jackson <3"
September 1, 2009
"btw, i am an arab , and im a mj fan , which is PERFECTLY FINE , dont think thats weird { arab as is from dubai }"
September 1, 2009
"first of all, michael jackson was a young singer with hiz bro'z in the jackson 5 , he started with some dancing which made him very popular and all over the world people started knowing him and becoming a fan of him ... there was a big amount of fans which made him somehow THE KING OF POP... he tryed his best and he did what he wanted to do , he liked it , and he controled himself , but the reason that killed him was because of the courts the he went to , some how he did have some control , he fixed everything , and he had some issues but , well as i said it was all done when he died, all around the world people still sing his music { well cause he's still didnt complete like a year } but"
August 23, 2009
"not all popular ppl is the same some of them nice and some is not !! some just try to insult a normal person infront everyone just to think that kwl and it's not it hurt a person !!!"
August 22, 2009
"people want too be popular so that no one picks on them, and popular people pick on others cause they either have some undelt issues or there trying to look cool infront of their friends....but the cool people at my school arent mean, there actually nice, the only reason there popular is cause lots of poeple around the school no them, there really outgoing"
August 21, 2009
"it's ok that you want to be noticed but don't need to destroy someone elses life.....ppl are rlly mean especialy in highschool......cccc"
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