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Jul 8, 2011 6:43:30 PM
Does sex and romance prove true love between couples?
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October 4, 2012
"well i think that sex is the best thing in the world. just lying the and the guy is busy touching my boobs and licking my vj.ahhh what a feeling. now this thing has just made me horney. any want to have sex with me???"
September 14, 2012
"Sex n romance neva prove true lv,true lv comes 4rm d heart or mind,dat is,d deep feelings u av 4 ur patner wit God fearing"
August 29, 2012
"not at all"
June 28, 2012
"Exactly, because boys are boys.......u know.."
March 6, 2012
"Sex and kisses is not all how to knw tru luv but real luv nd carng. Ther're some girls dat appreciate sex to carng."
February 7, 2012
"hi all"
January 16, 2012
"Sex n romance are nt d basis of true love outside marriage, young minds esp. Girls shld keep demselves 4rm the Hit n Run guys. Get wisdom!"
December 7, 2011
"yes but not all"
November 19, 2011
"Its most unfortunate for our young minds 2day who think dat sex and romance are the basis of true love. But the truth is dat its not. We ought to keep ourselves till dat un4getable day of wedding wen we will walk in2 d lyf of our partner with our dignity and pride."
October 10, 2011
"I dnt tink so..many at timez pple fnk dt it does jus bcoz they jus started a relationship...but 2 tel u guys..BIBLICALY,it doesnt xept wen married"
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