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Original by:Anonymous
Sep 13, 2009 4:34:06 PM
EMO's aren't different..
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December 2, 2009
"yeah i agree,they just make fun of us, we shouln't be affraid to show our emotions, who cares what others think, i i Like being me who i am and why treat us difrent,sometimes they treat us as invisibles, i was treated like that , its hard to get respect when you exprss your feelings >_< instead of keeping them bottled up like they do, and then they take it out on you"
November 29, 2009
"I think that everyone has a way of seeing things but we are not always what they see ... everyone is equal, the same human beings who think and act like .... but the difference is that they do not see beyond what we get, people do not have the good habit to get in depth with our feelings or problems, and that's what we want, having someone to help us and support us especially who understands! if someone needs my help or advice you want to be add as a friend and in my profile gladly help you! I assure you that good advice! the hope soon! my msn: churrimoy_28@hotmail.com"
November 22, 2009
"ye they rr just scared coz they know we rr better n the only way 2 pretend is 2 make funn of emo's! :D"
November 22, 2009
"yes!!! were normal as they are, they just insecure that emo's can express their real feelings... not like them... PRETENDER>>>"
November 9, 2009
"i kno ppl think emos are diffrent! were not! were normal ppl!!!"
October 15, 2009
"yea you are right emo0 is a normal people :D"
October 1, 2009
"aha..perhaps ritz has a point, yet people has no ryt to treat us in diff ways.."
September 27, 2009
"most ov us r pretty normal (2 a certain xtent) but i guess some emos r very different!!"
September 24, 2009
"yes they are just normal people..Like us!!"
September 23, 2009
"I agree. Its stuppid that people discriminate against certain group of people when they don't even know what they're like!!!"
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