群組 : emo
Nov 19, 2009 1:16:47 PM
why do al ppl think ALL EMOS CUT!! like what the hell is wrong with thm :/ i dont see anything diffr
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January 12, 2018
"im emo and i never cut so shut up"
March 11, 2011
"NOT ALL EMOS CUT. whoa... caps lock! lol anyways some emos cut and some dont. ppl are different and they all exoress themselves differently. ppl just stereotype emos to be bad and to be cutters and all suicidal. not all emos are."
February 12, 2010
"right all z ppl when they saw me they go far from me we r not different its only like a fashion or a style"
December 30, 2009
"People are hating on emo kids becaus ethey're emotional. We emos express emotions differently, and people think thats stupid. Its not like they dont have emotions! And NOT ALL EMOS CUT. NOT ALL OF THEM TRY TO KILL THEMSELVES. They're stereotyping. They are!"
November 30, 2009
"everything you say won't change my opinion, and everything i say won't change yours....-.-" wo we don't have to argue again about that..."
November 28, 2009
":S lol you don't have to cut to be emo ... -.-""
November 28, 2009
"e.o Yes all emo's CUT to be honest ;] If you dont cut then your not EMO your scene !! =}} and i might be wrong but if i was then nobody's right xD"
November 24, 2009
"thats true, but they dont see all problems do we have...! the just look at us in a differ and wear way! but if just they could talk and know the cntr of our problems they could understand! we dont cut just because we like we cut because of differents problems, moments any we have... xD!"
November 19, 2009
"look the 1st topic.... :P"
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