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~♥Twilight♥~ L○L  ♪Funny remixes with a splash of vamp-ish humor♪
Twilight freaks who love to laugh, I've brought you all ♥Twilight♥ L○l! Post your totally funny Twilight remixes right here! Oh, and one more thing......giggle your fangs off! ♫♪~Disclaimer: It cannot be helped if you suddenly get very addicted to laughing and/or type/say LOL 1,0000 times in one day......or decide you really like this group and tell all your friends about it. The side affects may or may not include: Giggling your fangs off, Laughing 'till you glitter, and/or chuckling like a maniac. Enjoy. =) ♦ALSO: If you do not care for Twilight, please join anyway and post just plain funny remixes! Nothing is offensive exept nude pics and just plain inapopriate stuff. Visit ☻ ☻ to veiw officail rules. Thanks! ^-^ Also, please recomend to friends, post LOL remixes and have fun ^_~ If you love Twilight or just love fun then visit:
Twilight Rules
Go Twilight!!! Go New Moon!!! Go Eclipse!!! Go Braking Dawn!!! The film and the books!
New Moon (twilight Saga)
if u Love Twilight Saga u LoVe New Moon,Vampires, Cullens, and Robert Pattinson...!!!
Twilight Saga
Twilight Saga♥
The Volturi (Twilight saga New Moon)
╚♥ twilight ♥╝
a jacob or edward fan or can't decide? can't stop reading the books? keep on watching the films? if the answer is yes then this is the group for you!!! =)
Team Edward
It is about Edward Cullen on The Twilight Saga u can also post Edward Cullen pics.
New Moon
new moon türkçesi yeni ay'dır yeni ay flimi vardır.bu flimin ikinci serisi ilk serisi ise twilight türkçesi alaca karanlık flimidir.üye olursanız sevirinim:)
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